A great weekend, with awesome people in the beautiful city of Dresden!

Early Friday morning we left Landau to travel to Dresden. As the city is so far away we decided to share a bus with two more ESN sections from Freiburg and Karlsruhe. The bus drive was pretty quiet as everyone was still very sleepy.

Our group consisted of 14 people, 5 ESN IPAS members and the rest internationals from the States, China, India & Russia. :) and our bus was full of more international people from all over the world!

After our arrival at the hostel where we quickly left our luggage and refreshed, we went to the city center. ESNters provided us some free entry tickets for the musuem "Zwinger". Unfortunately we arrived only late afternoon so as we got to the museum we noticed that it was closed already.
But at least we got a first glance on the city!

Back at the hostel everyone got ready for the saxony dinner in one of the universitys mensas and the party afterwards. :) We had a great evening, dancing & chatting with so many lovely people and having fun all night long!

Next morning, everyone was still a little tired from the past night, we had a good breakfast at the hostel and started the day with a city rally!
Together with the ESN section of Kaiserslautern we participated in different tasks throughout the whole city center. We invented a new Bollywood movie, collected free hugs, spelled the word Dresden with our bodies, and so on, and so on. ;) It was a lot of fun and a nice way to see more of the city.

After a lunch break everyone was having free time. Some of us decided to visit a museum, others went on top of the well known Frauenkirche and some were jsut spending their time relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere of the city.

In the late afternoon we celebrated the flag parade together with everyone else who joined ESNters the City of Dresden for the weekend. The flag parade was definitely one of the highligts of the weekend!
Around 400 people from all over the world were carrying the flag of their home country while walking through the whole city of Dresden. It was such an awesome experience to be together with so many open-minded and lovely people. 

The colourful parade took its end at a beach bar where everyone was having dinner and a last party to celebrate this amazing weekend!